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How are you doing?  Is your stomach growling and mouth watering after seeing the first two pages?  Well if so this is just going to intensify the growl and drool.  Not only do I specialize in wedding cakes, but I also make cakes for all occasions, pastries, freaking amazing cinnamon rolls, big ass cookies and much more.  So please let your eyes and stomach run wild and place your order for that next special event, holiday or just because you are hungry.


Who says you have to go with a "traditional" white wedding cake?  Not me, together we can have your wedding cake make a damn statement!  I want each cake I do to represent the two of you and your flare.  So what are you waiting for?  Lets color outside of the lines together. 


If you are a romantic and love the idea of an all white cake, well then lets chat!  I will have your wedding cake living its best romantic fantasy.  It all comes down to the details, from the overall look to the smallest of embellishments. Let me tell you I am here for it!


Not only do I make fabulous cakes, I also do other assorted desserts and pastries.  One of the many things I make are gooey cinnamon rolls.  These sweet soft buns are a great way to impress your guests for that Sunday brunch, holiday breakfast, tailgate party or just because you feel like eating a damn cinnamon roll!  


I don't know about you but I LOVE the holidays.  It takes me back to my childhood where I got to spend time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother making pies or other sweet goodies.  Let me help you enjoy more family time together and I'll take care of your holiday sweets.  If it's a variety of pies, cookies, cheesecakes or other wonderful treats I am here to help.  


Besides the basic birthday or special occasion cakes, I also specialize in sculpted cakes.  Let your mind go wild for your next party and make a splash with a stunning one of a kind cake.


Cookies are my favorite thing to eat.  Yes, I hate eating cake (even my own).  I LOVE cookies and basically any kind of cookie.  I offer a wide range of drop cookies, decorated cookies, gingerbread house kits and cookie decorating kits.  

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